AC Service in Neenah WI Doesn’t Include Enclosing the Compressor Over the Winter

Central air systems in hot climates may need to be replaced about every 15 years if homeowners run the system often. In a cooler climate like that of northeastern Wisconsin, homeowners may be able to keep the central air conditioner in good working order for much longer than this. They can increase the longevity of the system by having annual AC Service in Neenah WI performed at the same time they get their furnace inspected, cleaned and maintained.

One question that comes up when autumn arrives is whether to cover the air compressor to protect it during the winter. One main reason to use a cover is to keep falling leaves out during autumn. A second is to prevent water from dripping into the compressor from melting ice in the gutters or snow on the roof. If the compressor is situated directly under a roof valley or under an area where ice dams tend to develop, this can be a problem.

A technician who provides AC Service in Neenah WI typically advises against covering the entire piece of equipment, as that can lead to a buildup of moisture inside. When warm weather returns, the moisture can lead to mold growth if the homeowner doesn’t remember to uncover the device early in the season. That mold won’t get into the house, but it can reduce the efficiency of the system.

A covered compressor also can create a cozy home for mice over the winter, and a place where chipmunks decide to store food before going into hibernation. Mice tend to attract more mice, and they also create lots of baby mice. This isn’t a situation homeowners typically want right outside their house.

Instead, homeowners may consider covering the top with a product designed for this purpose, or even just putting a piece of plywood on top. A company such as Four Seasons Heating & Cooling Specialists Inc. can provide the special cover when doing the regular annual service. If the compressor faces the street or easily visible to neighbors, homeowners may want a cover that looks nice instead of just putting a board over it.

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