What to Do Before Hiring Professionals for Air Conditioner Repair in Sylvania OH

An air conditioner is responsible for keeping indoor environments cool during the hot summer months. Like any other mechanical device, an air conditioning system can break down unexpectedly. Common air conditioning problems include blown off fuses, dirty condenser coils, blocked air filters and broken fan blades. If a cooling unit has malfunctioned, it is vital to hire a certified air conditioning contractor to fix it. Experienced air conditioning technicians know how various components of an AC device function. These professionals will inspect the entire cooling system, detect the cause of the problem, and fix it correctly. Here are three reliable tips on how to troubleshoot common AC issues before hiring a professional for air conditioner repair in Sylvania OH.

AC Unit Fails to Turn On

If an air conditioning device does not turn on, first check to be sure that the unit is turned on, and plugged into a working electrical outlet. Replace any blown fuses and reset the circuit breaker if it has tripped. Check if the thermostat is set correctly. Occasionally, thermostats can be placed on the wrong setting, causing the AC unit to turn off. If the problem persists, contact an AC professional for assistance.

AC is Loud or Noisy

If an air conditioning unit is noisy, check both fan blades for damages. If a fan blade is damaged or is rubbing against the fan housing, replace it. If the fan blades are not rubbing against the housing, but the fan motor is noisy, examine the fan motor bearings for wear. If the bearings are worn out, replace the fan motor. If the noise is coming from the compressor, contact a licensed AC professional to replace it.

Home is not Cool Enough

If the AC unit is not cooling the home properly, the air filters or condenser coils might be dirty. Clogged air filters can reduce the cooling capacity of an air conditioner while dirty condenser coils do not dissipate heat efficiently. Clean dirty condenser coils and replace clogged air filters to remedy the issue. If the problem continues, contact a certified air conditioning contractor for assistance.

If the above repair methods do not fix the issue, contact a licensed professional for Air Conditioner Repair in Sylvania OH for assistance. For additional details about common AC issues, and when to seek professional help, please contact A-1 Heating & Improvement Co.

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