Signs it is Time for Professional Duct Cleaning Services

Is it time to invest in Duct Cleaning services? According to the EPA, there are a number of telltale signs that this service is needed and being aware of them can help ensure everyone inside the home has clean air to breathe. Homeowners should not ignore these signs, because if they are left untreated, it will only lead to bigger and more costly issues down the road.

Visible Mold Growth in the Vent or Duct Covers

It is important to regularly check the areas that can be accessed for signs of mold growth. There are a number of sections of any cooling and heating system that are likely not visible for inspection, which is why a professional needs to be hired for Duct Cleaning so they can check for issues. Be sure the professional shows the mold that is present in the ducts prior to providing services.

Underlying Issues Causing Mold Growth

Simply removing the mold that is present is not enough. The homeowner has to take precautions to eliminate the circumstances that led to its production in the first place, or the mold will come back. It is important to eliminate the cause, as well as the hazard, in order to ensure that the ducts are completely molded free.

Infested or Clogged

If a homeowner notices any signs of hair, droppings, vermin or insects inside of the duct work, then this is another cause for concern. If so, this is dangerous to the health of anyone in the home. Additionally, if the ducts are clogged with large amounts of debris and dust, then this is actually circulating through the home, decreasing the air quality.

For those who are unsure whether or not their ductwork is currently showing any type of infestation or disrepair, then they should call to have an inspection from a professional service. This inspection will help homeowners find out the current condition of the duct work, if there are any serious issues and what needs to be done in order to resolve the issue.

When a homeowner is aware of the common issues with air ducts, they can seek to clean when necessary. Learn more by contacting the professionals from Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning. They will provide inspecting and cleaning services when needed.

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