Enjoy Cool Air Throughout the Year With Quality Cooling Services in Bryn Mawr

The air conditioner is a complex system that uses a chemical refrigerant for moving heat from one place to another. The reason for the complexity is the need for efficient removal of this heat. That is, using the least amount of energy possible to collect the heat and carry it outdoors. This process begins with the condenser system compressing the refrigerant and causing a state change in the chemical. This change allows the AC to collect any heat around the evaporator coil as the refrigerant cycles through the system. Of course, heat is a relative term since the system actually collects any warmth from around the coil. Each of these steps is critical which is why it is important to consider Cooling Services in Bryn Mawr when something goes wrong.

The typical failure in an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system will be refrigerant based. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the system has none, although that could be the case. Refrigerant usually seeps away slowly unless a coil or pipe has been ruptured. However, other refrigerant related failures include a worn or damaged condenser or a blocked evaporator or condenser coil. The first coil can be found inside the building while the latter is housed outside so that any accumulated heat can be released back into nature. Cleaning these coils is one part of Cooling Services in Bryn Mawr.

One of the most expensive air conditioning failures to fix is a damaged condenser system. Without this subsystem, the AC couldn’t force the refrigerant into its gaseous form and the chemical wouldn’t accumulate much heat from the building’s interior. Once the heat is released from the refrigerant, it returns to its liquid state. This is actually necessary since the refrigerant also carries the lubricant needed to protect the compressor from excessive heat and friction.

Other important services include routine maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes, these are the same because certain areas of the system are difficult for the typical homeowner to access. One of these problem areas is the evaporator coil. Since this component is housed in the air exchange, it can accumulate a lot of dust and debris. This stuff mixes with the condensation on the pipes and eventually blocks the flow of air. This reduces effectiveness because the air cannot reach all the vanes and coils that the refrigerant is moving through. Contact Sheehan Plumbing and Heating for more information.

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