Are You Properly Maintaining Your Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne IN?

Although air conditioners are meant to work fairly well without any interference, there are some maintenance chores that need to be carried out to ensure the system stays working at a high level of efficiency. Air conditioners that are not properly maintained tend to lose their efficiency as they age, reducing their lifespan and causing the need for repairs. It is crucial homeowners know the steps they need to take for maintaining their Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne IN. With this information, homeowners can keep their systems in top shape.

While there are several steps a homeowner can take to properly maintain their air conditioning system, there is one that is crucial and often overlooked. The simplest, most effective maintenance task a person can carry out is changing their air conditioner filter on a regular and consistent basis. Dirty filters cause a system to overheat and cool the air inefficiently. They can also cause eventual breakdowns. Ideally, one should change the filter as soon as it becomes dirty. The filter must be changed every thirty days to ensure the system continues working as it should.

Another area of concern is the condensate tray and line. In homes with furnace/air conditioner combinations, this tray is generally located on top of the furnace. Homeowners will need to refer to their owner’s manual to determine where it is located on their system. This area can become clogged with mold growth. This issue can be prevented by pouring a small amount of bleach down the line and cleaning the tray.

Many homeowners do not realize the outside unit needs maintenance too. Simply keeping the area free of debris, grass, and weeds can make a big difference in proper operation. It is important this area is checked after periods of high wind or storms to be sure no limbs have been sucked into the grate of the fan.

If you are in need of maintenance or repair services for your Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne IN, contact Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning. They are the HVAC experts that can perform thorough maintenance on your system each year so it stays in good working order.

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