Reduce Energy Bills and Enjoy a Comfortable Environment Throughout the Year Using Heat Pumps in Portland

Heating and cooling a home can be a very expensive task, but the type of equipment used can make things, even more, difficult. To reduce the complications of using multiple appliances for these jobs, many folks opt for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This dual function appliance works by generating heat or cold in an air exchanger and circulating it through the home by a series of air ducts. However, this is not the most effective way to remove or add heat to a home. In fact, this category is currently ruled by a lesser-known appliance: the heat pump. Heat Pumps in Portland tend to be the air source model because they are the most economical purchase in this category.

The heat pump works by compressing a small amount of refrigerant and circulating it through two small coils. This is actually similar to the HVAC except for the size and quantities involved. However, this is the benefit of Heat Pumps in Portland. They require much less energy to move heat compared to other appliances because they use small amounts of refrigerant and fewer components. The downside is that many people don’t realize that a heat pump system can actually save them money all year long. That’s because the heat pump can be reversed so that heat is collected from either the inside of the home or outside of it.

Like the HVAC, many heat pump systems come in multiple cabinets. This is partly to control the input and output of treated air, but it also allows the system to have access to one outdoor area and one indoor area. This way, the appliance can be quickly switched for the function at hand. However, it is possible for the air to air heat pump to be a single package placed on the roof or similar area. This is possible because the unit doesn’t require much air to function.

Alternately, the ground source heat pump uses the earth to disperse or collect heat. This makes the heat pump a viable option for more frigid areas because the crust of the planet holds a more consistent temperature at deeper levels. For really large heating and cooling systems, it may be necessary to use a large heat sink. This could be a body of water or similar option. For more information visit the website.

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