Let The Family Enjoy Fresh, Clean Air With Expert Air Conditioning Cleaning Services in Lakeland FL

The air conditioner is one of the most common appliances in the country and one reason for this is how long these comfort systems have been around. In fact, most people cannot recall a time when some sort of air conditioning was not readily available even if it was used in a commercial setting to lure customers inside.

Unfortunately, all of this familiarity does not mean that people understand how to care for these appliances and neglect can be the worst thing for a mechanical system. The solution is routine maintenance and superior air conditioning cleaning services in Lakeland FL.

There are several areas where the AC may require cleaning. The most common are the air exchanger and the ducts that supply each room. Ducts can be a particular problem because they often collect smoke and cooking odors and fumes. Cooking will often put oil residues in the atmosphere, and these are forced into the system whenever the comfort appliance is turned on.

Cleaning the ducts can be done with the help of brushes or the use of reverse pressure systems. In some instances, the job will require both functions to clean the ducts thoroughly. The addition of reverse pressure, otherwise known as a vacuum system, draws any loose particulates out of the ducts while the application of brushes knocks the debris loose.

Cleaning the ducts is only one of the air conditioning cleaning services in Lakeland FL. Another is the elimination of buildup in the blower. This is usually the accumulation of years worth of dirt and is the often result of neglect. This is partly because the blower is difficult to reach and most people do not bother. The problem with this approach is reduced efficiency because the fan will not move as much air.

The AC functions by collecting heat in a compressed refrigerant. This process can cause condensation inside the air exchanger, and this may result in mud and muck accumulating on the evaporator coil. Eliminating this gunk isn’t always easy and may require the removal of the coil so it can be cleaned in an acid bath. This is a job for the experts because it will require the removal of the refrigerant and any solder used to seal the joints of the coil.

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