Learning About Boilers in Chesterfield MO for Residential Heating

Boilers in Chesterfield MO are called by this name because they heat buildings with the use of hot water. Hot water is pumped out and sent from the boiler to radiator fixtures in the home or to pipes or tubes under the floors. The water circulates and then heads back to the boiler for reheating. Many people prefer this type of heat instead of forced-air furnace heat because it doesn’t lead to extra dust in the house. It’s quieter than a furnace, and the heat tends to feel more even than with a system blowing warm air into rooms.

Residential Boilers in Chesterfield MO generally run on natural gas or liquid propane, although models are available that are fueled with wood. Solar power for heating the water is becoming more prevalent. Large commercial and institutional facilities that use boilers may fuel them with coal, natural gas or oil in a steam-heat system.

There is no need for duct work in the house with a boiler system unless the homeowner fuels the boiler with wood and has a gas furnace to use as a backup. Houses with this setup usually started out with a furnace and had the wood-fired boiler added later.

It can be difficult to rely entirely on a wood-fired boiler because someone usually must add wood to the device, at least a couple of times a day to keep the fire going. Someone who is having a new house built and wants to have a wood boiler may decide to include electric baseboards in the house for backup instead of having a furnace and duct work installed, as that can be cost-prohibitive.

People also must understand that a boiler takes a long time to heat up compared with a furnace. That means they can’t lower the thermostat too dramatically before leaving for work, as they might have to wait for hours for the house to get warm again later.

Boilers are very reliable, but they may occasionally need repair work. A service such as Courtney’s Heating & Cooling can do the necessary repairs to get the system running properly again.

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