Get Help With Air Conditioning Repair In Maple Grove

Homeowners should inspect the air conditioner before hot weather arrives. It is awful to turn on the unit, and it blows hot air. Here are a few tips to keep your a/c in tip-top shape. Dirt is really an air conditioner’s enemy. And, that is why the filter needs to be changed often. It is a good idea to ask an a/c contractor about the filter. It is key to use a filter made for your type and size unit. The filter has to block anything that may clog up the system. During the summer, the a/c works very hard, and the filters get very dirty. Experts advise changing filters every three months. However, pet owners and allergy sufferers should change every two months.

If the unit is not cooling, get Air Conditioning Repair Maple Grove. Browse the website of Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning for contact information. The contractor will come out and make sure the unit does not need a repair. In fact, they may have to clean the coils. Dirty coils absorb heat and use more energy. Indeed, coils should be cleaned each year before the warm season. Keeping the area around the unit clean helps the a/c stay clean. Leaves and other debris can block the unit’s drain channels. If this happens, the a/c will not be able to cool the home properly.

Checking the air conditioner’s efficiency saves money on utility bills. Compare the air coming out of a vent with air going into the return. The temperature difference should be around 16 degrees. If the difference in temperatures is much lower, you may need freon. Charging the unit, or adding freon, should definitely be handled by professionals. It may be time to call for Air Conditioning Repair Maple Grove. A temperature that is much higher may indicate a filter problem. Finally, many homeowners forget to winterize the a/c. This involves covering the unit with a heavy tarp. Remember, snow and ice are not good for the a/c. That is because they cause rust and other issues. Air conditioners are very expensive. And, learning proper maintenance techniques now will save you money. Visit the website website domain for more information.

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