Heat Pumps in Fort Wayne IN: An Eco-Friendly way to Utilize Energy

Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN work like a refrigerant system that sends warm air either out or in an area. It’s a compression cycle that does one of two things needed for indoor air, in accordance to the season. It’s a conveyor system for heat. Heat is present in hot and cold air. A heat pump takes it to the right place. In the summer, it removes heated air from a building and takes heat from the exterior of a structure to be dispersed to the indoor air at winter. Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN are an eco-friendly choice in that they move heat instead of producing it. A win-win situation for the consumer and environment.

Heat pumps can be used alone in climates with mild winters. Colder climates may need an additional temperature control unit to operate in conjunction with it. Areas with colder winters still have a big advantage with heat pumps because it allows users to control how much energy is used. In the coldest temperatures, the furnace can be used on a low setting with the heat pump. When winter air is at a moderate level, the heat pump can be used alone. The fact that a furnace only needs to be used on low settings when temperatures are coldest to assist a heat pump means much less fuel is burned.

Those wanting to make a complete change to preserve energy consumption should know about geothermal. A geothermal home energy system uses renewable energy from the recesses of the ground. Fuel is not burned to make energy with only electricity being used to access heated energy underground. The energy under the soil is so valuable on the account of it remaining at constant levels no matter how cold the air is above it. The system works somewhat like a heat pump, but its source of energy is on the ground. There are several systems to choose from that work for different types of landscape. Vertical loop installation is done when there is limited space on the land. Tubes that transfer heat go vertically down into the soil. Pond loop is for places that have a nearby water source to absorb heat. A Horizontal loop is done when there is plenty of space to lie heat transfer tubes across the yard. Contact Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning for service.

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