Does the Home Need a New Heating System?

While the home Heating System has worked well for many years, things did not seem to be quite the same this past winter. It could be that the time for a new system is approaching. Here are some of the signs that indicate the homeowner needs to start looking for a replacement.

The Age of the Unit
Think back to the date that the Heating System was installed. How many years ago did that event take place? Most units are unlikely to last more than a couple of decades. If the system has been around for close to 20 years, there is a good chance that it is wearing out and needs to go before it fails completely.

Cold Spots in the House
For many years, the system kept the entire home at a uniform temperature. It didn’t matter how cold things were outside; every inch of the inside was comfortable. This past winter, there were several areas of the house that were noticeably colder than others. Assuming the insulation is checked and found to be in good shape, it could be that the time for a new heating unit has arrived.

Higher Than Usual Heating Bills
The past winter was not any colder than previous years, but it seemed as if the unit was running a lot more. The utility bills confirm that the amount of energy consumed each month is much higher than normal. If the unit is beginning to wear out, it will consume more energy in an attempt to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Before winter rolls around again, it makes sense to invest in a new system.

Lots of Repairs
The system used to need nothing but fresh filters every couple of months and an annual inspection. During the last couple of years, several repairs have become necessary. With another one looming and the contractor making it clear the repair will cost a lot of money, investing in a new unit may be the best bet.

For any homeowner who wonders if it’s time to upgrade the heating unit, visit Website today and arrange for a professional to take a look. Based on the age and performance of the system, the recommendation may be to purchase a new one before cold weather returns.

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