The Importance of Spring Cleaning for Cooling Systems Lake Orion, MI

When warmer weather arrives, most homeowners reach to their thermostat to ensure it remains cool and comfortable inside. However, if the Cooling Systems Lake Orion MI are not maintained throughout the year, a homeowner may have an unpleasant surprise waiting for them when temperatures go up outside. Prior to actually needing the system, be sure to perform a few spring cleaning maintenance tasks to keep it working effectively and efficiently.

Eliminate the Dust

Be sure to inspect the air filter in the cooling system to see if there is any dust buildup. Changing the air filter every few months is a must while the Cooling Systems in Lake Orion MI are being used. If the filter becomes dirty, it will limit the airflow and reduce the efficiency of the system. If someone in the home suffers from allergies, it may be a good idea to upgrade the filter to a MERV 11 or 12 pleated option. This will trap more pollen and dust than traditional fiberglass filters.

Clean the Return Air Grilles and Registers

In addition to changing the filter, it is also a good idea to remove the supply air registers as well as the return air grilles. Simply unscrew these and put them in a solution of dish soap and water. A homeowner can then use their vacuum hose attachment to clean out any debris and dust from behind the vents and registers. Once the grilles and vents are clean and dry, simply reattach.

Call in the Professionals

While there are some tasks that a homeowner can take care of by themselves, others need to be left to the professionals. Each year, be sure to schedule a professional inspection from a local AC service provider. This will ensure any small issues are found and fixed before they have the chance to get worse.

There is no question that regular maintenance for a cooling system is essential. Homeowners who have questions or would like to know more about what to do can contact the staff from Business Name. They can also Browse the website to learn more.

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