Reliable Service for Air Conditioning in Omaha NE

It’s the beginning of the warm weather season. The temperatures are about to shoot upward until you’re melting after five minutes under the sun. And that old air system that’s served so well through ten years is showing signs of trouble ahead. Or perhaps it’s about to give out altogether. And the last thing that’s needed is a non-working air system.

The time for reliable service for Air Conditioning in Omaha NE has never been so urgent. But perhaps all that’s necessary is some simple maintenance that can keep the compressor going another five years. Truth be told, a schedule of annual maintenance can solve most problems likely to crop up in an air system. Also, the cost of regular service far outweighs the expense of a repair bill or the cost of a whole new system. Like any machine, a central air system will work just fine for a number of years. But after several seasons, parts start wearing down or corrosion sets in, or wire insulation starts to deteriorate and fray. Regular service can catch any of these problems before they have a chance to develop into a serious malfunction. Regular checks and cleaning of various components can do a world of good when it comes to keeping that air system up and running even through the dog days of summer.

A properly maintained air system can result in lower utility bills, better air quality, and better comfort conditions. The service tech who comes out to the residence or business performs a number of checks and services. These include checking filters, tension on motor drive belts and their condition, and cleaning of all external surfaces. They will examine the wiring and electrical controls to ensure their proper functioning, and determine whether the thermostat needs to be replaced. Checking and refilling the coolant charge is a necessary maintenance task, as is a thorough examination and cleaning of the condenser and drain lines. There are a couple dozen little tasks on a checklist which the service tech will run through one by one. A thorough job on these annual maintenance checks will extend the life of the air system for many years to come.

Accurate Heating & Cooling is one such reliable company providing service for Air Conditioning in Omaha NE. Visit the Website for more information on the range of services they provide and make the right choice.

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