Signs of an Oversized System and Indications it’s Time for New Furnace Installation in Watauga TX

There are a number of homeowners who believe the bigger furnace, the better it is for their home. As a result, they purchase the biggest and most powerful system for Furnace Installation in Watauga TX. However, the fact is, this can have a number of adverse effects on the comfort level of a home and result in excessive wear and tear on the unit. Some tell-tale signs that an oversized furnace has been purchased can be found here.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when a furnace turns off and on frequently because it is reaching the setting on the thermostat so quickly. Essentially, the furnace that has been installed is so powerful it is able to produce the desired temperature quickly and then turns off. However, due to this, the home’s temperature is likely to cool down much faster, since the furnace is not running for any length of time.

Also, the off and on short cycling can negatively impact the actual system. It results in excessive wear and tear, leading to the need for repairs and in some cases, early replacement of the unit. No one wants to have to invest in new Furnace Installation in Watauga TX before the old one has had a chance to serve its useful life.

Low and High Temperatures

If the furnace is turned on at a comfortable inside temperature, such as 70 degrees F, the low and high temperature between the cycles should be somewhat close to the set temperature. In ideal settings, homeowner’s won’t even notice a change. However, if the low temperature is around 65 degrees F and the high temperature around 76 degrees F, then the furnace is definitely too large for the home.

If a homeowner believes that the furnace installed in their home is too big for the space, they should call on the professionals to come evaluate the system. They can also learn more about finding a furnace that is the right size by visiting the website. Being informed and knowing what size furnace is right for a home can help ensure it runs efficiently and that it does not have to be replaced early.

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