Stay Cool and Find the Right HVAC Contractor in Lakeway TX

If your home isn’t getting cooled down enough, you must know the misery of tossing and turning all night long while you’re in bed, or sitting and sweating through meals. There is no reason for anyone to be uncomfortable, no matter how hot it is outside. If this sounds like your house, find an HVAC Contractor in Lakeway TX, or contact J & S Air Inc. to find out how you can start living in comfort.

With the HVAC business being ultra competitive, consumers have the benefit of finding attractive deals out there, usually via rebates or affordable financing options. Some manufacturers offer 0% financing, with others have rebates well over $1,000. You may even qualify for trade-in credits that can be worth hundreds of dollars. When selecting air conditioning units, today’s cooling technologies are extremely energy efficient while at the same time providing comfort to your home. The ‘Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio’ measures the efficiency of air conditioners, and with today’s model’s consumers are able to shave 50% off of their cooling costs. There are also units that run at two stages, which allows it to run at lower speeds and decreases humidity, allowing for a cooler, more cost efficient operation.

There will be times when the weather gets cold, and you may find yourself in need of an HVAC Contractor in Lakeway TX. Heating options these days are also extremely energy efficient. Much like the two stage cooling technology, it is also used for heating, providing efficient heat and reducing your costs. There are also ‘heat pumps’ which are used in conjunction with air conditioning but are all within one unit. They are a much better alternative to electric heat. Whether it us a furnace or a heat pump, you can find them with solid warranties and in some cases even labor guarantees.

Of course, if you’re going to live in comfort, why not live with convenience as well? Long gone are the days when someone needs to actually walk across the room to turn the dial to adjust the temperature. In today’s digital age, you can control your home’s comfort level right from the palm of your hand. With your iOS or Android smart phone or even a tablet, it doesn’t matter whether you’re home or away, you can set the temperature whenever and wherever you’d like.

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