Things to Know About Air Conditioning Repair in Rehoboth Beach DE After a Storm

Calling for central air conditioning repair in Rehoboth Beach, DE is important if a storm has affected the system or may have damaged it. The home’s residents should not turn on the air conditioner in an attempt to evaluate whether it works or not, as that could cause further problems. A qualified technician knows how to test the equipment and what to look for in regard to possible storm-related damage. If there is an issue with the system related to the weather incident, the technician will describe what has happened and inform the homeowner whether the equipment can be repaired.


A central air compressor that sits in standing water can experience damage to the wiring and moving parts. Unfortunately, there usually is not much a homeowner can do to prevent this from occurring if a flooding episode develops. If there’s any way to get rid of the standing water once the weather event has passed, that should be done as soon as possible. Then a company such as 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling should be called to check over the system.


Turning off the central air conditioning during a storm with lightning can prevent power surges that damage the equipment. Even if the system isn’t running, lightning can still strike, although this is very rare. In some cases, problems with the system are evident because the thermostat no longer works. Homeowners can check the fuses or breakers and make sure this part of the wiring system appears to be functioning properly.

If central air conditioning repair in Rehoboth Beach, DE is possible after a power surge or lightning strike, the technician will probably run several full-load tests after the job is done. This is important to make sure no further issues develop several days later when homeowners are running the central air as usual.


Homeowners insurance technically will pay for repairs due to storm damage, but people typically set their deductibles high enough that they have to pay for the work out of pocket. If the central air conditioner cannot be fixed, the home insurance should pay for installation of new equipment, after the deductible is paid.

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