Benefits of an HVAC in Waterbury, CT Over Window Air Conditioning

Having an HVAC system including central air is sometimes better than having just a heating system and using window air conditioners. Surprisingly enough, an HVAC in Waterbury CT may actually make more sense financially as well even though the initial cost outlay is higher.

Energy Efficiency

Central air tends to have at least an energy efficiency ratio of 12 to be labeled as Energy Star Certified, while window units need to have just a score of at least 9.4 and typically don’t get higher scores than 10.7. Most window units can only be turned on or off, meaning they can’t control the temperature as exactly as an HVAC in Waterbury CT that can be set to keep the home at a certain temperature and only turns on if the temperature goes higher than this. This can save some energy.

Number of Rooms

People who typically only use one or two rooms in each the day and the night might be better off turning on the window unit in that room whenever they’re in the room instead of cooling an entire house, however. This is one time in which central air doesn’t necessarily win out over the window units.

Other Considerations

People who don’t have programmable units don’t always think to shut off their central air conditioning when they leave their house, wasting a lot of money on cooling the house when nobody is there. With window units, they are so noisy it’s easier to remember that they need to be shut off, so less energy may be wasted.

Cleaner Air

The other advantage of an HVAC system is that it has filters that clean the air of allergens and many contaminants, which doesn’t happen with window units. With window units, allergens can get in through the open windows, so central air is typically better for those who suffer from outdoor allergies.

Dry Air Considerations

Window units tend to add moisture to the air, which is good for people who live in drier climates, but not so good for those who have a home that’s already more humid than they’d like. In this case, a dehumidifier may be necessary to offset the added humidity from the window units.

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