Considerations for Running Air-Conditioning Equipment in Bellingham WA When Residents Disagree on Temperature

Research indicates that women in general prefer the house to be warmer than men do. That doesn’t mean they want to avoid the installation of Air-Conditioning Equipment in Bellingham WA, however. Even in this mild northwest coastal climate, hot days occur, leaving residents to sweat their way through the uncomfortable heat and humidity. A woman is likely to accept her domestic partner’s desire for a cooler temperature setting on the thermostat if it means he’s not perspiring through his t-shirt. She can always put on a sweater if necessary.

That’s not to say that the man of the house should take advantage of the situation and keep the thermostat at a temperature well below what the experts recommend. That’s simply a waste of electricity and drives up the utility bill. A contractor who installs Air-Conditioning Equipment in Bellingham WA knows that the federal government, consumer advocates, and energy savings groups recommend setting the central air temperature at 76 or 78 degrees. The man of the house may want to reconsider his compulsion to run the air conditioner at 72 degrees, especially if someone else in the house feels cold.

Zoned thermostats might be a solution for the times each person doesn’t mind being in different parts of the house. The male resident might have a man cave where he can run the a/c at icy temps, while the female resident would have her own space that she can keep at a more reasonable climate control level. Perhaps they could compromise when they want to watch a movie together on the TV set. They could set the thermostat at 74 or 75, and she could use a light afghan if she feels a little chilly. A cold beverage could help to cool him off if he starts to feel warm.

For even more energy savings, technicians from a company such as LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating recommend turning the temperature up at least a few degrees warmer when everyone will be gone from the house all day. There’s no point in having the system keeping the home in the mid-70s if nobody is around to enjoy the cool air. Visit the website for details on this particular organization.

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