Heating And Cooling System Repair in Tucson, AZ Is More Common for Central Air Than for Furnaces

Many Tucson-area residents have forced-air gas furnaces, which is surprising to folks from up north. They imagine that the weather rarely gets cold enough to run a furnace and that residents would use an electric space heater when it does. Actually, temperatures in southern Arizona can get pretty nippy during the winter months, especially at night. It can be more cost-effective to pay for the furnace and then enjoy the very low heat bills for many years, since the need for furnace repair and replacement is infrequent in this climate. Central air conditioning repair and replacement, however, is another story. For Heating And Cooling System Repair in Tucson AZ, residents often rely on one contractor to do both types of work along with the annual maintenance.

Northerners often don’t realize just how chilly it can be in Tucson at night. In January, the average low temperature in this city is about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. It only increases to about 42 degrees in February and 45 in March. This makes it clear why so many residents decide to have furnaces. Trying to heat an entire home with electric space heaters would be expensive. In addition, those space heaters are intended to be used for short timeframes instead of all night for months. It’s reasonable to heat a room for a few hours with a space heater, but not try to make this the primary source of heat.

In this region, residents may find themselves running the furnace at night in spring and fall and the central air during the day. Temperatures fluctuate that dramatically. The temperature can drop into the 40s at night in April, for instance, and then soar into the high 80s during the day. Residents are accustomed to running the central air nearly every day for six or seven months of the year. That makes it more likely they’ll need heating and cooling system repair in Tucson AZ for that equipment on occasion. A company such as Arico Plumbing, Heating and Cooling provides diagnostic and repair service so people can stay cool when temperatures are brutally hot. Browse Our Website for details.

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