What Should be Covered by a Warranty on Residential Heating and Air Conditioning in San Dimas CA

A new HVAC system from Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning is a significant investment for any home. As a customer compares different units, they should pay attention to warranty coverage as well as pricing and features. If the unit fails within a short time, a solid warranty can help the customer lower out-of-pocket costs and minimize frustration. Use the below checklist to help determine which things the warranty should cover.


The warranty term is its duration. A reliable HVAC equipment manufacturer will stand behind its products for more than a year or two, which is vital in a system that lasts for 20 years or more. Repairs on Residential Heating and Air Conditioning in San Dimas CA can be very expensive, and customers should look for long-term warranties. However, they should consider that a lifetime warranty may not cover labor costs over the entire term.

Parts Warranty

A warranty may have different clauses for certain factors, such as the heat exchanger, compressor, labor and parts. For instance, a heat exchanger may come with a 20-year warranty, while other parts may only be covered for ten years. As a customer works with a contractor, they should learn whether there is a processing fee.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Dealers and manufacturers sometimes offer extended warranties on parts and labor. However, customers should be wary if a salesperson pushes this type of warranty, as it can indicate a low-quality system. Customers should learn when warranty services are available, how long they’ll wait for repairs, and how long the contractor has been in the business.

Warranty Voiding

An innocent mistake can void the entire warranty. Such mistakes include not hiring a licensed, certified contractor for repairs and installation, or not registering the warranty within the required time. If a contractor does not use approved parts, or if the customer fails to schedule maintenance or provide proof thereof, the warranty can be voided.

Warranty on Residential Heating and Air Conditioning in San Dimas CA should offer reassurance that the manufacturer will stand behind the equipment if something goes wrong. Customers should take the time to read the warranty details, and they should ask for clarification if things don’t make sense. By following the tips above, customers can make an informed decision when buying a new HVAC system.

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