Who Is Responsible for Rental Property Air Conditioning Repairs in Naples FL?

When people rent apartments, duplexes or houses in southwestern Florida, they generally expect air conditioning as an essential feature for climate control. If the central air unit breaks down, who should pay for air conditioning repairs in Naples, FL? The answer mainly depends on the rental lease.

The lease may state that tenants are responsible for repairs to air conditioning and other appliances. In contrast, it may state that the landlord is responsible, or it may not address the issue at all. Owners of rental properties commonly are willing to pay for these sorts of repairs to maintain good relationships with their renters and to create a sense of goodwill. They also know that features included in the rental home at the time of lease signing are part of the agreed-upon condition of the building.

In many parts of the country, air conditioning is considered a convenience or a luxury and not a necessity. In the Naples area, however, it may effectively be argued that air conditioning is essential for health and well-being. Yet if this aspect of climate control is not addressed in the lease, the tenants would probably have to take the landlord to court in an attempt to force repairs to be made. This will typically cost the tenants a great deal more than air conditioning repairs in Naples, FL. In addition, the landlord likely will retaliate by not renewing the lease when it expires.

If the renters are responsible for the repair work, they may hire an affordable company such as CoolAir Air Conditioning & Heating. If the equipment breakdown occurred during the heat of summer, they can feel reassured that this type of company offers service every day of the week. In most cases, however, rental property owners in this part of the country are likely to arrange and pay for repairs. If the tenants don’t bother to have the system fixed, and they move out when the lease expires, landlords will still need to have the project completed. They don’t expect people to live in these homes without effective climate control during the hottest months of the year.

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