Tips for Hiring a Commercial Heating Contractor in Brooklyn NY

Maintaining a commercial building’s HVAC system is a big job, and it should not be left to chance. A properly maintained system helps to reduce downtime, lower cost and keep inhabitants comfortable. When considering hiring a commercial HVAC repair company, it is important to hire pros with a good reputation and an in-depth knowledge of modern systems. Below, building owners will find several tips on finding a reliable Commercial Heating Contractor in Brooklyn NY.

Do Some Research

Before hiring a contractor, the building owner should find out about the state’s license, bonding and insurance requirements, as well as the system and its maintenance history. By having this information on hand, the owner can help a contractor gain a better understanding of the building’s cooling and heating needs.

Get Referrals

Potential customers should seek recommendations from others in the same industry. When a building owner asks colleagues for referrals, they benefit from the other person’s experiences and they avoid wasting money on hiring a Commercial Heating Contractor in Brooklyn NY without the required expertise.

Get References

New customers should ask contractors for references from past customers. Commercial HVAC companies should have a list of prior clients to which they may refer. Past customers can be a great source of information for those still in the decision making process.

Find Out About the Company’s Experience and System Expertise

Commercial HVAC companies should have experience wiht all types of air conditioning and heating systems, including older boilers and newer, more efficient models. Customers should choose a company that works with a variety of makes and brands, rather than going with a company that favors a specific model. Browse the website to know more.

Learn About Service Contracts

If a customer plans to hire a Commercial Heating Contractor in Brooklyn NY for routine maintenance, they should understand what is included in the service contract. Most plans include predictive and preventive maintenance, on-site rebuilding and restoration of equipment and repairs. The goal of a service contract is to reduce the customer’s cost and improve system reliability.

Get Another Opinion

Most HVAC contractors would rather replace a unit than make repairs, because replacements are more profitable. Cusotmers should get a second opinion from Inter County Mechanical Corp before replacing a unit because it is likely that refurbishing the current unit will solve problems at a lower cost.

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