Five Things Homeowners Should Check Before Calling For Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin, TX

Many homeowners panic when their air conditioning system is not working. Unfortunately, there are many things a homeowner can overlook that could be causing their system to have problems. To save money on calling a repairman, it behooves a homeowner to know the five things they should check before they make that call. If none of these reveal the problem, there may be an issue that requires the professionals for Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX.

• While it seems overly obvious, the problem with an air conditioner not coming on is often caused by a lack of power. Homeowners need to first make sure their home has electricity and then check to make sure a breaker has not been tripped. If adequate power is getting to the unit, individuals should proceed to the next step.

• Another major cause for issues with a system is a clogged filter. If the filter is overly dirty, this can prevent air from circulating in the system. Filters need to be changed every thirty days to ensure they are free of debris. If the filter seems dirty, it is important to change it and then see if the system begins to operate normally.

• If the unit is not coming on and the light display on the thermostat is not lit, this could simply be a battery issue. Homeowners should remove the front panel of the thermostat and replace the batteries to see if this corrects the problem.

• There are two switches a homeowner can check on their air conditioning unit. The indoor switch is located near the air handler and the outdoor switch is located at the outdoor unit. These switches should be firmly plugged in and on.

• Homeowners need to make sure they check their condensation pan. If the pan is overly full, this could mean there is a clog and this has caused the water safety switch to shut off the unit. The pan needs to be drained and the line flushed to remove the obstruction.

If these five steps do not correct the problem, a homeowner may need to call in the professionals for Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX. Contact J & S Air Inc. and schedule your appointment.

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