All About Chillers in Frederick, MD

Many owners of air conditioning, refrigeration, and cooling units know next to nothing about their internal working parts. Identifying circumstances that may cause your cooling system or A/C to fail can be difficult and many existing problems are easy to overlook. A chiller is an essential part of any cooling system that uses chilled water. Here is an examination of what a chiller is, what may cause it to fail, and what to do when it stops working, brought to you by an expert on chillers in Frederick, MD.

What Is a Chiller?

In a refrigeration or cooling system, a chiller is the apparatus that cools the water before it is sent to heat exchangers, or coils. There are a wide variety of uses for chillers in laboratories, data centers, factories, and many other industrial applications. When a chiller fails, the entire cooling system goes down. It is essential to keep chillers maintained and working properly.

Why Might a Chiller Fail?

There are many complex reasons a chiller may fail, but the most important (and most common) of these is poor maintenance. Any cooling system must have regular inspection and sufficient maintenance when the need arises. If you own a cooling system, it is imperative that you have it examined regularly to ensure efficient operation.

What to Do When Chillers Fail

When any part of a cooling system fails, the most important thing to do is contact a specialist or company that specializes in HVAC repair and maintenance. Your cooling system may be the most important part of your business. Overheating in any mechanical or electrical devices can cause irreparable damage.


No matter the application of your cooling system, if your chiller fails, your entire operation is at risk. This is a basic fact of HVAC systems. If you suspect that your chillers have failed or if you have any other problems with your cooling system, make the right choice and call a specialist today! Contact Mason Mechanical Services LLC for more information. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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