What You May Want to Know about a Duct Leakage Test in Dagsboro, DE

If a homeowner or commercial business owner checks his or her utilities and find that the utilities seem to be extremely high, they must start checking various components of the HVAC system. Obviously, it isn’t working properly, and an assessment will be able to tell what the problem is. Sometimes the problem is with the heating units or the air conditioning units. Perhaps a compressor has worn out, or perhaps an updated HVAC system is needed. It also could be air escaping through the ductwork. A contractor that has performed a Duct Leakage Test in Dagsboro DE has information that customers need to be aware of.

If all the homes in the U.S. were put together, there would be over a million miles of ductwork in those homes. Over 66 percent of the ductwork in these homes have enough leaks in them to require some sort of repair work. The fact is, leaky ductwork is the culprit in the high energy bills of many homes. In addition, the air quality in the homes is affected by leaky ducts. The HVAC equipment will even be negatively affected by ductwork that is leaking.

Ductwork that is leaking will cause air that should be going into the home to go elsewhere, such as the garage, the attic or crawlspace. To ensure that this is not happening, a contractor can be called out to do a duct leakage test. The test is done by pressurizing the ductwork system by fan calibration, and also by measuring the air flow through the fan. The effect of the pressure to the ductwork is also part of this test.

Arctic Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing heating and air conditioning solutions to customers in Maryland and Delaware for many years. Customers can get installation, repairs, and maintenance on their heating, their cooling and their ductwork. The contractors are available around the clock for HVAC emergencies. Whether a customer needs a new heat pump, an air conditioner, or testing on the ductwork, Arctic is available. If a customer needs a contractor to perform a Duct Leakage Test in Dagsboro DE or the surrounding areas, Arctic Heating will serve the customer. Visit the website.

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