The Mechanics of Heating and Cooling in Fort Collins, CO

You need to keep your home comfortable during both the winter and the summer. In many respects, the winter is much more dangerous than the summer; typical levels of heat during the summer are uncomfortable but rarely rise to dangerous levels inside. That’s not the case with in winter. So, you need to make sure that your heating and cooling systems are in good shape. The best way to do that is to understand the way they work and keep an eye on the different components of your HVAC system.

The Filter

The filter is the first line of defense that keeps your HVAC system in good shape. The system takes in air from inside your home and cycles it through the appliance. If you don’t have a filter on the intake, then there’s nothing protecting your system. If your filter hasn’t been changed, then it is likely stifling air flow and allowing dust and allergens to pass through. The filter is the first step to maintaining your heating and cooling in Fort Collins, CO.

The System Itself

After you’ve changed your filter, you should make a note of the date you changed it and when you’ll need to change it next. The professionals at a place like Advanced Comfort can tell you the best kind of filter to buy. Once you’ve done that, you should keep an eye out for changes to the system that might indicate a problem.

The changes that could indicate a problem tend to be temporary gaps in the efficacy of your HVAC. If you see a slowdown in the heating and cooling system, that could mean you have a problem. For example, a malfunctioning air conditioner can freeze up if it’s overworked. If you run the fan for awhile, it will thaw, but the fact that it froze in the first place indicates there’s a problem in your future.

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