Differences Between Residential and Commercial HVAC in Toledo OH Systems

While both residential and commercial HVAC in Toledo OH systems serve the same purpose or cooling, heating and ventilating a space, they vary significantly regarding parts and mechanisms. This is why it is so important to call the right repair service when a system is not performing properly. Getting to know some of the differences in the systems is a top priority.

Size of the Units

A residential HVAC system is smaller than commercial ones. This is because a Commercial HVAC in Toledo OH system has to heat or cool a much bigger space. A commercial system is also different regarding the components, such as the dampers, blower, evaporator, compressor, condenser fan, and thermostats. The amount of power commercial systems require is also much higher than residential ones.

Placement of the Systems

Residential HVAC systems are typically put on the side or back of a home. Commercial systems are usually installed in swamp coolers or on the roof of the building for several reasons.

  • HVAC systems on the roof help to save space.
  • It reduces the noise pollution in the building.
  • It is the ideal solution for maintenance since none of the day to day activities are disrupted during the replacement or repair process.

System Complexity

Besides the size of the system, commercial and residential HVAC systems also vary greatly regarding structure. A commercial system has to be more adaptable based on the building type where it is installed, the number of people using the building and if it is going to be running constantly or occasionally. There are also other factors that determine how complex a commercial HVAC system is. These are the main reasons that commercial systems typically have more complex mechanisms compared to the residential units that require a lower amount of power to alleviate the exhaust.

When a person understands the difference in the size and abilities of the systems, they will be able to see why the right technician needs to be called when repairs are necessary. More information about these systems and their differences can be found by taking the time to visit website domain. Being informed is the best way to ensure the system remains working properly.

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