Factors to Consider for a New Industrial HVAC Installation in Cheyenne, WY

Buying industrial HVAC equipment is a mission-critical purchase that needs to be based upon more than the cost and a couple specs. The effectiveness of an Industrial HVAC Installation in Cheyenne WY will impact your employees and operating expenses. Take the time to carefully research your needs.

Consider these key factors regarding the installation and maintenance of an industrial HVAC system.


Cost is always the first consideration, but the true cost isn’t arrived at by looking at the catalog price. The real HVAC cost includes:

  • Installation
  • Any extra parts that you might want or need, such as filters
  • Any fees or taxes

This cost may be offset by projected savings on energy costs.


Most people examine specifications when reviewing a proposed industrial HVAC system, but don’t always know what to look for. The nature of your business dramatically impacts the choice. For example, a manufacturer would require a very different system than an IT company. There may also be specific code requirements.


Determining the most appropriate size of the HVAC system is the job for a qualified industrial HVAC contractor. Either over-sized or under-sized equipment won’t work efficiently and will drive up your energy costs.

Heating Method

There may be more than one possible way to heat your building. Research the most efficient and appropriate option.

Energy Efficiency

It may cost more initially to purchase HVAC equipment with a higher efficiency rating, but you’ll save money long-term. Evaluate both the energy savings and the projected payback period.


Extra features typically add to the cost of the unit. Decide in advance which features are necessary so you don’t pay for items you don’t need. Discussing features with your HVAC contractor will ensure you have all necessary features.

Operating Costs

Figure out your average electric bills for the last couple years as well as your highest monthly costs. This will help determine a starting point for evaluating possible energy savings from a new system. Include the costs of in-house maintenance like replacing filters.

Technical Maintenance

Ensuring that your HVAC system keeps performing optimally requires regular technical maintenance such as yearly tune-ups.

The experienced people at Poudre Valley Air can help you make the best choices for your Industrial HVAC Installation in Cheyenne WY. During their 44 years in business, they’ve learned the value of always providing exemplary customer service, 24/7. Call today for a free estimate.

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