Professional Service and Repair for Heating in Sparks

Whenever a heating service technician visits the home, he has a set checklist of items to guide the work. The homeowner should also be aware of these items to understand just what work is being performed. Everyone who needs service or repair of their heating in Sparks should understand how their system functions. This can help the technician track down a problem and speed up the repair work.

Having an annual service check helps extend the service life of a central heating system. The immediate necessity for having this work performed is to ensure the safe functioning of the heating unit. Gas-fired furnaces can develop one or more cracks in the heat exchanger as the unit ages. It is even possible for a brand-new furnace to have this problem if a defective heat exchanger slipped through inspection or if damage during shipment occurred. The danger here is from carbon monoxide leakage poisoning the inside air, possibly resulting in fatality. The maintenance inspection uncovers any such defect before it can become a danger.

Older heating systems may not be air sealed. Air sealing has been introduced into the manufacture of new central heating units as an efficiency measure, but older systems depending upon age can be updated to the current standard. The immediate benefit here is reduced energy usage, better functioning for superior heating comfort, and a life extension of the system.

Replacement of filters and inspection of ductwork is imperative to guaranteeing the home’s own Indoor Air Quality (IAO). Dust, bacteria, mold spores, fibers from aging insulation can all set off allergic reactions, cause respiratory distress and illnesses having varying negative impacts upon health. Of course, adding an air purifier will greatly enhance IAO. So will changing filters and cleaning out all the ductwork.

Finally, older central heating systems may need a tune-up. The central heating/AC system in most cases operates almost continuously, with little downtime between seasons. This stresses the system and contributes to other malfunctions. The tune-up improves the performance of the electric motors at the heart of the heating and A/C system to ensure their peak performance year-round.

Visit us when it comes to issues you may be having with your central heating system. Certified technicians can be sent to the home within an hour of making an appointment in the event of an emergency. Call them in the event of any issues involving your heating in Sparks.

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