Nordyne Air Conditioners Help People Sleep Better With Climate Control

Nordyne Air Conditioners help people sleep better when the temperatures are excessively high, and particularly when the humidity is unbearable. Research has confirmed that central air conditioning and even room air conditioners are useful for this purpose. Better sleep means more productive workers, more effective students and happier people all around.

Researchers also have found that setting up beds so that registers and window models don’t blow cool air directly at the sleeping persons is best. Interestingly, even if people believe they can’t feel the cool air blowing at them, a study has confirmed that it still has effects that might disrupt sleep. A technician who installs Nordyne Air Conditioners can also modify ductwork if people need to keep their bedroom furniture set up as it is. A register near the bed could be eliminated and one set up in a different spot. Ducts also can have baffles installed that allow people to close the pipe when this is preferable. They might want one register to bring in warm air during the winter, for instance, but close it off during the summertime.

This news shouldn’t deter anyone from having central air installed if they long for comfortable climate control in the summer. There’s always the option to cool the home down before going to bed and then enjoying the comfy environment overnight. In addition, more than one study has verified that cooler temperatures are significantly better for sleep. Temperatures higher than 75 degrees can cause sleep disruption. In fact, people who have been dealing with insomnia may find that the problem is reduced after the installation of central air.

Adult women of any age, as well as elderly individuals of both genders, tend to have the most trouble sleeping when cool air is blowing directly at them. They tend to move around more and wake slightly, even if they don’t realize it because they are not returning to full wakefulness each time. That’s something to consider when household residents decide whether to hire a contractor such as AA Temperature Services to adjust ducts and registers for central air flow. See wesbite to get started. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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