Hire a Commercial Heating and Cooling Contractor in Centerville, OH for Help Choosing the Right System

If a business owner plans to replace the building’s heating system, they have four types from which to choose. According to the experts, it is important to select the proper type for an establishment. The information below can help building managers and business owners make an informed decision after consulting a Commercial Heating And Cooling Contractor in Centerville, OH.

Steam Heating Systems

Steam-driven commercial heating is the oldest type in existence. It relies upon burning oil or gas to evaporate water, which is distributed through a series of pipes. Compared to the other options in this guide, steam systems are slower and less efficient because they have to turn water into steam before heat can be generated.

Heated Water Systems

These have much in common with steam-driven systems, as they also rely on a gas- or oil-fueled boiler. The primary difference is that a heated water system doesn’t turn water into steam. Rather, it distributes it through piping in the walls.

Heat Pumps

Here, heat is pulled from the air before it is dispersed inside the building. These systems are energy- and cost-efficient because they don’t use fuel, and they have a backup heat source in case the outside air becomes too cold.

Natural Heating

A natural heating system uses a sustainable energy source such as geothermal or solar energy. These are some of the most cost-efficient choices because no fuel is used. They come with a high installation cost, however, and they are used primarily in larger buildings.

Consult a Local Contractor for Help Choosing the Right System

There are many options for business owners and property managers, but it can be difficult to choose the right one. A Commercial Heating And Cooling Contractor in Centerville, OH can work with the client to find the right system for the business’ budget and the building’s needs.

While there’s no one type that’s right in every situation, there’s one that addresses each owner’s needs. If a business owner needs help finding the right system, or they need assistance with repair, installation or service, the team at Peck Heating Air Conditioning Refrigeration can help. Call or click today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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