Let Heating And Cooling Contractors Save You Money

On average, homeowners spend upwards of $1000 every year to heat and cool their home. This equates to a good half of the total cost of energy.

Knowing this, it makes sense to bring in a contractor that specializes in heating and cooling in Wheaton who knows areas that should be checked for improvements.

To minimize the amount of energy spent on climate control the first thing to deal with is effective insulation. An attic that is poorly insulated can have a significant impact on your costs; heat will come beating down in the summer and heat will escape during the winter. It is also a good idea to pay particular attention to ductwork that runs around your home, especially if it runs in areas of the home that are not insulated.

What you should expect from an energy conscious contractor:

There are contractors that suggest cooling units based strictly on the floor area of the house. This can often result in an air conditioner that is either to large or too small, both of which will put a strain on the systems which in turn will only cost you more money.

A knowledgeable contractor that is deeply involved in helping clients with heating and cooling in Wheaton knows there is more to it than just floor area. When suggesting the best air conditioner it is important to take into account the floor area of course but the window to wall ratio is also a factor that must be included in the selection. The contractor will also check the level of insulation in the attic as well as in cavity walls.

When you put your trust in an experienced heating and air conditioning contractor you can rest assured that the unit that will be installed is perfect for the home, not one that has been selected based on the area of your home only.

Heating and cooling in Wheaton is what Air-Rite Heating and Cooling have been doing for well over 50 years. For dependable, professional and reliable service and installation, trust Air-Rite Heating and Cooling.

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