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Controlling indoor temperatures can be pretty difficult, especially in areas such as Austin where the summer temperature soars and winter nights can freeze. Thankfully, there are several options for treating indoor air such as the split or ductless air conditioner and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. In fact, the HVAC is the most commonly installed comfort system by contractors such as J & S AIR INC. There are various reasons for this, but the most important for many home and business owners is that an HVAC provides uniform air throughout the building. This is possible because of the way that HVAC systems function.

The HVAC is a centralized system that has a large air handler placed somewhere inside the structure. This is typically an attic when the appliance is installed in a house. The location will vary with commercial installations based on how the building is designed. The air handler also connects to the furnace so that heat can be easily distributed. Inside the air handler is the evaporator coil used for generating the cold air. Air distribution is handled with a fan that draws air through the filtration system and forces it through the air handler and into the ducts. Air conditioning professionals such as J & S AIR INC will install the air ducts, so there is very little loss of temperature while moving the treated air into the various rooms.

The external portion of the HVAC is the condenser unit and it actually serves two functions. The first is the compression of the refrigerant and the second is the elimination of any heat collected inside the building. Compressing the refrigerant forces a state change that lowers its temperature. This change of state allows the refrigerant to collect heat as it passes through the evaporator coil. Unfortunately, this process can require a lot of energy, which is why using an AC can get expensive. Some HVAC manufacturers have improved their appliances by creating two-stage condensing systems. A two-stage device lowers energy usage while still providing excellent comfort. Keep in mind that an HVAC system is will require maintenance to ensure a long service life. The two best times to have this performed are late fall for the furnace and early spring for the AC. Learn more about comfort systems from the experts at Jsairaustin.com.

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