Hire an Air Conditioning Contractor in Lake Wales FL for a Pre-Purchase HVAC Inspection

If a buyer is undecided as to whether to have an HVAC inspection done before they buy a home, they should consider the cost of the job compared to that of a full replacement of the system. There are multiple important reasons for a buyer to hire an air conditioning contractors in Lake Wales, FL to inspect a home’s AC unit before purchase, but first, the buyer should understand the differences between a generalized home inspection and one that’s just for the HVAC system.

A Home Inspection Raises Red Flags

A home inspection is an examination of the structure’s current condition. During the job, the inspector evaluates the home from its roof to its foundation. His or her final report includes summaries of the condition of the home’s plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. However, the inspection is general, and these inspectors lack the advanced training that an HVAC contractor has.

Listen to Warnings From Third Parties

Despite the prevalence of warranty claims on furnaces and air conditioners, these components are two of the most under-evaluated parts of a home inspection. Along with the whole-house inspection, the buyer should get an HVAC evaluation by an air conditioning contractor in Lake Wales, FL.

An HVAC Inspection is an Important Investment

If the buyer is still on the fence about hiring a residential HVAC contractor for an inspection, they should make a few considerations first. While the inspection will cost money at a time that’s already full of expenses, it may be helpful for the reasons listed below.

*     The HVAC system is one of the most expensive parts of the home. With a pre-purchase inspection, a buyer can avoid unexpected high repair bills.

Set up an Inspection Today

It’s not just a sales tactic to say that a pre-purchase inspection by Springer Brothers Air Conditioning & Heating LLC can give a homebuyer peace of mind. What is frightening, however, is deciding to buy a home without an inspection. Call to schedule an in-depth evaluation of a new home’s HVAC system.

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