The Insightful Discovery of Lennox Air Conditioners

The first air conditioner is traceable back in 1902 designed by Willis Carrier. He owned a publishing house, and he was in need of figuring how to control humidity in New York where he was based. The air conditioner’s design was in a way that could restrict his paper from contracting and expanding. A majority of users back then were movie theaters due to the number of people who would trickle in to watch movies. As so, they needed to keep the air balanced to make the environment bearable.

Recent years have seen innovations and technology evolve, and simultaneously air conditioners have had more improved features. With this development, it saw the emergence of Lennox Air Conditioners owned by Lennox International Inc. These air conditioners ensure that the rooms are well aerated to provide free flow of air.

Among their top Lennox Air Conditioners, are the window room ones. Different models are available with one being the LNW039X. One of the notable unique features is that it has carbon filter which is active to filter out some smells. Additionally, the filter traps particles like pollen to prevent allergic reactions. They are installed on the windows and walls. Conveniently, they are easy to install and are a way to save on the electricity. Some of the places it can be used are at home and small or medium enterprises.

Apart from window room air conditioners, another interesting model is the Ducted Inverter Split System which has options for heating or cooling depending on the need. With this one, it conveniently lets people cool their preferred places only. It is quite easy to operate and is not noisy at all.

Regular maintenance of air conditioners is one of the remedies to avoid last minute rush. Summer is sometimes unbearable, and the house needs a good working air conditioner to ensure full air circulation. Get an experienced technician a few months before summer creeps in to check if the system is fully functional. For repairs and maintenance of air conditioners, AA Temperature Services Inc. in Florida is the best partner. They offer repairs and replacements at fair prices. They have been members of Better Business Bureau since 2002. Check them up on wesbite for detailed information on their services. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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