When It’s Time to Think About Replacing Older Furnaces in New Haven IN

Indiana received some noteworthy attention earlier in the year when a major manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment announced they would not be moving nearly as many jobs to Mexico as they originally planned. That was welcome news to U.S. residents who worry about companies increasingly shifting their manufacturing work to other countries. Considering the extremely high percentage of households that have Furnaces in New Haven IN and elsewhere in the country, it would seem to make good sense to keep building those appliances within the 50 states.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Although most homes are heated by this type of equipment, many of those furnaces are more than 20 years old and thus do not provide the kind of energy efficiency characteristic of newer models. The latest advancements in technology mean that homeowners can save a noticeable amount on their heating bills every year. The reduced use of natural gas and propane also is beneficial for the environment. Furnaces built in the 1990s or even earlier can have energy efficiency ratings as low as 60 percent, whereas today’s models reach ratings as high as 97 percent. Newer furnaces are remarkably quieter as well.

When It’s Time to Consider Replacement

The longevity is a testimony to the excellent quality of these devices and also to the conscientiousness of their owners. Taking good care of Furnaces in New Haven IN includes actions such as scheduling annual maintenance and inspection by professional technicians, and changing the air filter as directed. Nevertheless, homeowners should start thinking about having a 20-year-old furnace replaced, especially if there have been unexpected and inconvenient breakdowns in the past few years.

Health Hazard Risks

Heating and cooling technicians can keep an old furnace running for a long time, but it eventually can pose a significant increased risk of a health hazard. Carbon monoxide leaks are the most common problems associated with very old furnaces that should have been replaced sooner. Heating technicians advise homeowners well ahead of time when they should be making plans for replacement by a company such as Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning. Area residents appreciate being able to do business with a local, long-established organization.

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