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A clogged air filter is behind many HVAC issues. Debris and dust can inhibit airflow, which causes a unit to work harder than necessary. The increased strain means higher utility bills throughout the year. Just like regular oil changes can help a car stay on the road longer, a clean air filter can protect an HVAC system from damage and premature failure. Below is information on how this system works and how clogged filters prevent them from working correctly.

How They Work

Forced-air systems are quite common for Residential AC Service in Wichita Kansas. They use heat exchangers to cool or heat incoming air that’s then blown through ductwork and distributed throughout the home. As air flows into various rooms, the fan removes existing air via return ducts and routes it back to the heat exchanger. The cycle continues until the rooms reach the desired temperature.

What Happens When an Air Filter is Clogged?

When an HVAC system’s air filter is clogged, the air handler may struggle to compensate for the diminished airflow. Along with higher utility bills, a reduction in airflow can cause the exchanger to get hot and shut off early. If it happens too frequently, the limit switch can fail and the unit will stop working.

Frozen Coils

If the air filter gets clogged during the cooling system, it may cause the cooling or evaporator coil to freeze. The cooling process generates condensation and insufficient airflow can cause the moisture to freeze. The unit’s ability to cool the home is diminished and, in many cases, it will fail prematurely.

Unhealthy Air

Clogged air filters allow debris and dust to get into the indoor air supply. This can cause allergies in sensitive individuals, and it’s especially dangerous for those with asthma and other respiratory troubles. While the effects may be gradual, poor indoor air quality can have serious negative consequences for the entire family.

The air filter doesn’t get much consideration, but it’s one of the most vital parts of the entire HVAC system. For advice and AC service in Wichita Kansas, call the clean air experts or go online to check out.

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