HVAC Companies In Omaha NE Can Make Sure Your Heating And Cooling Systems Operate At Peak Performance

This time of the year, it’s important to have the heating system in a home or business inspected by an experienced HVAC company. Having a breakdown during the coldest months of the winter can cause pipes to freeze and result in individuals not being comfortable in a building. HVAC Companies in Omaha NE can provide an inspection that will include a safety check of the system and investigation of all of the parts of the system. Although an owner isn’t thinking about their air conditioning during the winter, it’s just as important to have it serviced on a yearly basis.

Is A Warranty Included In The Work That’s Performed?

HVAC Companies in Omaha, NE who are confident in the parts they use and the technicians they employ will provide a ten-year parts-only warranty and a one-year labor warranty on the system they install. This helps to extend a manufacturer’s warranty and provides the peace of mind an owner needs for their investment. With increasing costs of products and labor each year, a service call five years from now won’t break an owner’s budget.

Clean And Check On A Furnace

During a thorough inspection of a furnace, a technician will check and clean the burners, lubricate the motor, inspect the heat exchanger, belts and tension, check the safety limit switch and pilot light, clean the pilot, test the thermostat and much more. A cleaning and inspection of a furnace will help it to operate at peak performance and reduce energy costs throughout the season. A frayed or cracked belt can easily break when a furnace is working overtime during the colder months.

Clean And Check On An Air Conditioner

An air conditioning system needs special attention each year to keep energy costs low and operating efficiently in a home or business. A trained technician will set the dampers, check the fan speed, clean the condensation drain, check the amp draw of the motor, ensure there’s proper blower rotation, clean the condenser and much more. If the unit needs coolant, they will inform the owner and fill it when necessary.

Accurate Heating & Cooling has been serving the area for many years and can provide all of the services you need for heating and cooling. Browse the website for more information.

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