Signs You May Need an AC Repair Service

When your air conditioner is in need of service, it can often be easy to determine. However, those who are new to home ownerships may wonder whether everything is working as it should be and they’re just stressing over nothing. Some may also feel that waiting to see how badly the problem gets is the best option.

It’s always a good idea to speak with an AC repair service if your air conditioner is not running the way it should. There are some signs you can look for, though, to determine if something is actually amiss.

The first sign is a simple one; your air condition is no longer blowing cool air. If you find that the air coming out isn’t cool, even when set on high, there is likely something wrong. It is possible that your system needs the Freon topped off. It’s also possible that a major repair is required of the compressor or other parts. Sometimes, this may even be a sign that it’s time to replace the AC, rather than looking at AC repair.

Another common sign is AC that has poor airflow. This is often a sign that the compressor is failing. However, if you find that there is plenty of cooling in one room but not another, it can also be a problem with the ductwork. Having your ducts cleaned whether you have this issue or not can help to restore proper airflow and keep your AC working well.

Strange sounds and odors are another sign of needed repair. Squeaking or grinding noises should be looked at by a professional. The same recommendation stands if you find that there are weird odors coming from the vents. Musty or smoky smells can be signs of mold or burned out insulation and both need to be fixed without delay.

There are also times when the thermostat may be the problem. This is often the case if one part of the house is extremely cold while another part is at the typical temperature. This is something that needs to be repaired to avoid huge utility bills or other repairs down the road.

Temperature Pro in Richmond TX can take care of all your AC repair services, quickly and professionally. We offer AC installation, maintenance, and repair at affordable prices from professional technicians. If you think your AC may be having issues, you can reach us at 804-409-3633.

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