Signs your AC Unit is About to Break Down

We’re in the dead of a really intense winter, and summer is right around the corner. Now is the time for you to check your air conditioning unit to make sure everything is running shipshape. We often forget about this most important of home appliances, since most are on a side of the house we typically don’t venture to, but your AC unit is just as capable of malfunction or straight up breaking down as anything in your home. So, if you feel like you may be in need of air conditioning repair in Stuart FL, here are the telltale signs that you are right on the money.

*1. Weakened or lower air flow

Your AC’s job is to pump air into your house at whatever temperature you specify. So, if the air isn’t coming in as fast as you’d prefer, there’s probably a problem. If this is happening to you, make sure you don’t waste your money by checking the air filters, which can be easily replaced. If they’re clogged up, just replace them with new ones. However, a lower air flow can also be attributed to a damaged or malfunctioning blower, and that’s when you definitely need an HVAC technician.

*2. Loud noises

Not to say that AC units don’t make noise, but the noises they make are quiet, and shouldn’t be heard on the other side of the house from its location. And also, those noises shouldn’t be the sound of clanging, scratching metal. If your noises are both, then that probably means that your unit’s fan belt has suffered serious damage somehow or has even come loose. If you notice this, call a technician immediately, because leaving it there longer will only damage your unit more.

*3. Not as quick to cool the house

This is the hardest to notice of them all but is a surefire signal that your AC unit is in serious trouble. Most people don’t keep track of the length of time it takes their AC unit to cool the house, making finding out the problem before it’s too late much harder. There are several things that can cause this. The simplest is your unit just being low on coolant, which is easily rectified. However, there are many other, more serious problems that could be causing this, such as corrosion or rust. If you notice that your house isn’t cooling nearly as fast as it used to, call an HVAC technician and have it looked at, because you might have a problem. Please visit A/C Medics Air for more information.

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