Air Conditioning Repair in Derby, KS Keeps Residents Comfortable Whenever Hot Weather Occurs

Many homes have window air conditioners if the owners don’t have to cool a large area. However, the percentage of homes with central air conditioning is steadily growing, and new houses tend to have the equipment included. Installation of these systems and central air conditioning repair in Derby KS is provided by skilled technicians so area residents can stay comfortable on the hottest days.

Window vs. Central Air Conditioners

A window air conditioner is generally designed to cool a single room, although these devices can be somewhat effective for climate control for all the rooms in a small, one-story home. That’s especially true if the machine can be centrally located. Larger houses and those with more than one level benefit a great deal from a whole-house system that brings cool air through the vents to all the rooms, including those situated far from the unit and on different levels.

Extended Warm Weather

Not everyone agrees about whether global warming is a fact, but Kansas residents have noticed an increase in hot days and the extension of hot weather into parts of the year that, in the past, were not so warm. On Halloween, kids have been able to wear t-shirts and shorts instead of long sleeves and blue jeans under their costumes. When this happens, air conditioning repair in Derby KS may become necessary even in late October or early November.

Comfort and Efficiency Strategies

Residents can minimize the wear and tear on the central air conditioning with effective strategies that also reduce electric bills. The main technique is to turn up the thermostat a degree or two and becoming accustomed to a temperature that’s a little warmer. Turning it up a few more degrees before everyone leaves for the day also boosts energy efficiency. Drapes and window blinds can be closed when sunshine beats through the glass. That will keep the rooms more comfortable too.

When technicians from a company like Kelley and Dawson Service provide air conditioner repair, they also can add a whole-house dehumidifier to cut moisture in the air. With the hot, muggy summers this region is known for, the extra equipment keeps the home more comfortable even at a higher temperature.

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