Three Methods for Air Duct Leak Detection in Bradenton, FL

When homeowners consider ways to save money and energy around the home, they often think of large fixes, such as solar panels. However, they forget that small fixes add up, and simply fixing any leaks in the air ducts of the home will save energy and money on heating or cooling the home.

Newer homes may not need air duct leak detection, but, usually, usage and age lead to small leaks which cause air conditioning or heating to function less efficiently. Often, a leaking air duct will cause the utility bill to grow higher, and each room in the home will begin to feel a different temperature. If this is similar to what you are experiencing, it may be time for air duct leak detection in Bradenton, FL.

Although the best solution for air duct leak detection is to hire an HVAC professional from a reputable company, it can sometimes to be helpful to check the leaks before a contractor coming to your home.

* The most obvious way to check for leaks is by using your eyes. Look for cracks, holes, or kinks in the flexible areas, and inspect each connection to make sure it is sealed tightly

* After completely exposing all ductwork, move a smoke pencil along the ducts, and watch for any disturbances in smoke

* Rent a smoke machine, and attach it to the intake for your system after sealing off all of the vents to each room in the house. The smoke should be forced to exit through the leaks no matter how small

If you are fixing leaks using a tape, make sure that the tape is foil backed and specifically designed to stop duct leakage. If you are going to hire an HVAC contractor, but have questions, submit a request for more information at

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