Tips For DIY Air Conditioning Repair in Derby, KS

Having an air conditioner malfunction in the middle of the summer can be horrendous, especially with the heat waves that many parts of the country face. While having an expert technician come in for air conditioning repair in Derby KS it is always the best option, there are also some DIY repairs that can be done. Here are a few tips on how to do this.

Check the Breaker

If the air conditioning unit simply does not turn at all, experts recommend checking the breaker. If there are a few separate appliances wired to the same circuit, the breaker may have been tripped. Merely turn the breaker back to “on” and the problem will be solved. This is an easy solution which can save the embarrassment and expense of calling in a professional over something so minor.

Thermostat Settings

Strangely enough, experts in air conditioning repair in Derby KS say this little device is the main reason behind many service calls. Many people forget to simply check the thermostat. If the thermostat is operating on batteries, it may just need a fresh set of batteries. Also, some people inadvertently set the thermostat to “fan only” so the air conditioner is only blowing around room temperature, which is definitely not what is wanted or needed in the dog days of summer.

Replace the Filter

Costly air conditioner repairs can be easily avoided by ensuring the filter is always clean. Dust, dirt, and grime can easily build up and clog the filter. This has the effect of blocking or severely reducing the air flow. It is almost impossible for the room or home to stay cooled when this is going on. There is also the matter of clogged filters being the cause of dust and irritants being spread into the air. This can set off allergies or even asthma attacks.

If these factors have been looked at and the air conditioner is still not functioning properly, it is time to call in the professionals from Kelley and Dawson Service. They have the skills and experience needed to ensure the air conditioner is back up and running in no time at all.

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