Avoid Air Conditioning Repair in Madison, WI by Prepping for Winter

Winter is right around the corner, which means that you’re probably not worrying about your air conditioning unit anymore. If that’s the case, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are important steps that you need to make if you want to avoid a major air conditioning repair in the spring. If you have an air conditioning unit that’s located outside, then make sure to keep reading to learn a few tips for preparing your unit for winter.

Turn Off the Unit

The first thing you need to do is turn off the unit to avoid electrocution. Not only will you need to make a visit to the hospital, but you’ll definitely need air conditioning repair in Madison, WI if you short-circuit the whole thing.

Clean and Inspect the Unit

The next thing you want to do to avoid an air conditioning repair professional from coming to your home is clean the unit. Sweep out all of the debris, and wash it clean. This will prevent it from getting clogged during the winter.

Cover and Insulate

After you finish cleaning your unit, cover it up using waterproof vinyl or plastic. It’s also time for you to insulate the wires and pipes with foam pipe covers. This prevents your pipes from cracking during the freezing winter months. When spring comes, if you notice that your unit isn’t working the right way, make sure to call Dave Jones Inc. for their expert air conditioning repair services.

Winter is quickly approaching, so unless you’re still using your air conditioning unit, it’s time for you to prep it for the cold of winter. Follow these steps, and your air conditioning unit should make it through winter with no problem at all. But in case it doesn’t, just remember that the experts are only a phone call away.

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