Is the Furnace Making These Sounds? Call for Heating Services in Ferndale WA

It’s all too easy to ignore the noises a home’s appliances and systems make, and many homeowners deny there’s a problem because the fix may be difficult. However, some noises shouldn’t be ignored. If a homeowner hears any of these sounds, they should call for Heating Services in Ferndale WA as soon as possible.


Loud screeching noises are a sign that the furnace’s blower motor isn’t working well. A failing blower motor means that the heated air won’t be moved throughout the home. The motor may just need lubrication, but in some cases, the fan stops altogether. To diagnose the situation, it’s important for a local HVAC tech to visit the home and provide advice.


If the furnace is making metal-on-metal sounds, there’s a serious issue with the blower wheel. When this happens, turn the unit off and contact an HVAC expert to prevent further damage. Remember, the more damage the wheel has suffered, the more it will cost to repair.

Booms and Bangs

In most instances, the booms and bangs coming from a furnace indicate a dirty, clogged burner. These can be quite dangerous, and the noise is caused by delayed ignition due to buildup. As the gas builds up and ignites, small explosions occur inside the unit. It’s not advisable to clean the burner with DIY methods; instead, call a professional for Heating Services in Ferndale WA.


A rattle doesn’t sound very threatening, right? Wrong! If the furnace starts making rattling noises, don’t assume it’s a loose screw or panel. A broken or cracked heat exchanger may be to blame, or it may be a dirty filter or blower issue. Either problem may lead to excess heat, which is serious. A broken heat exchanger may cause a dangerous carbon monoxide leak in the home.

Call Today to Schedule Service

Any of these noises is a big cause for concern. If a homeowner hears one or more of these sounds it’s important to call a pro right away. Visit to learn more about the company’s services or call today to schedule system maintenance or a deep cleaning.

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