AC Installation Options in San Marcos, TX

When the time comes to have a cooling system replaced, individuals need to consider all options for AC installation in San Marcos TX. A property owner often simply goes with what they currently have, never stopping to think another option may be better. Following are three options that should be taken into the decision-making process along with the pros and cons of each.

Central AC

For those property owners who put energy efficiency at the top of their priority list, a central air conditioning system is the best choice. Furthermore, this system provides the highest level of comfort. Individuals will find they appreciate being able to set up zones with this type of unit, so only one floor of the home may be cooled at any given time instead of two or more. However, if another floor is to be cooled in the future, it is often more cost effective to have the ductwork installed at the time of initial installation. Keep this in mind if this option is selected.

Ductless AC Systems

With this type of system, a wall blower is placed on an interior wall of the home. The blower is connected to a small outdoor compressor and the two are connected using a refrigerant line. The compressor sends the chilled refrigerant to the inside blower where the cool air is then circulated.

Through-the-Wall Units

When this type of unit is selected, a hole is cut in an exterior wall and framed the same way a door or window opening would be framed. However, care must be taken when this option is selected, as cutting this opening may have an impact on the building’s structural integrity. Furthermore, heat loss during the cold months can be an issue, as it is difficult to seal this type of unit.

Consider all options when it comes to AC installation in San Marcos TX. Click here for more information about each option and discuss the benefits with the contractor. AC units are meant to last for years, so mistakes can be costly. The right contractor will ensure the client gets the right unit the first time.

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