When Is the Right Time for Heating Installation in Omaha NE?

Winters get quite cold here in Omaha. With daytime temperatures that sometimes don’t climb above freezing and nighttime temperatures that are substantially below it, winter has arrived. No one wants to be stuck with an old, non-functional heater, but the experts are here to help. Below, area homeowners will learn how to tell when it’s time for Heating Installation in Omaha NE.

If It’s More Than 15 Years Old

If the heater is more than a decade and a half old, it may just be time for an upgrade. Old units simply don’t have the same efficiency as modern ones. A new heating system may have an AFUE rating of over 90%, which means that more than 90% of its fuel is turned into heat for the home.

Higher Operational Costs

If heating bills are gradually increasing, it may mean that the system is simply worn out. When systems are properly maintained by professionals, the bill should be about the same each month. However, if customers are spending more on repairs than they’re used to, it may make sense to replace the unit.

It’s Making Too Much Noise

Loud banging, screeching, and rattling noises are all indications of a serious need for repair. If the system is keeping the family awake at night, it’s time to schedule Heating Installation in Omaha NE. This applies when repairs are no longer feasible or if they’ll cost more than a new system would.

Which Heater is Best?

After determining the need for an upgrade, a homeowner must still choose the right system. The pros will help customers make the right decisions for their homes. Options include:

  • Forced air units. A forced-air HVAC unit uses ductwork to move heated air through the home. These systems include heat pumps as well as gas and electric furnaces, and they’re the most popular choice for Omaha homeowners.
  • Radiant heating: These systems directly radiate heat to objects within the home. This may be accomplished with coils that heat walls and floors or via hydronic tubing that circulates hot water. Boilers and other radiant systems are included in this category, and they’re commonly found in cold climates.

Installing a new heater may be expensive at first, but it may gradually pay for itself in the form of decreased energy spending and increased efficiency. Browse website for more details on the company’s HVAC services or call Accurate Heating & Cooling to schedule a visit.

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