Steps to Take Before Calling a Cooling Service Provider in Bristol, CT

When an AC doesn’t work as designed on a hot day, the first place a person may head is to their phone to call a Cooling Service Bristol CT. Nobody wants to be hot inside the house so the problem must be fixed promptly. However, what happens when the techs are busy and can’t come out for a day or two? Does the family have to suffer during this time? Not necessarily. A person can check several things to see if they provide a quick fix for the issue. Following are things to look at when the AC isn’t acting right.

Check the Thermostat

Many arguments between a couple begin when one partner is too hot or too cold and the other changes the thermostat without warning. For this reason, the first thing that should be checked when the house isn’t cooling properly is the thermostat. Make certain it is still set at the desired temperature and hasn’t actually been changed to heating. Quite a few people will find the solution is as simple as this. If it isn’t, however, other steps can be taken to identify the source of the issue.

Replace the Filters

A dirty filter can have a negative impact on the entire system, and many homeowners don’t know the filter needs replacing until the house begins to warm up. The filters in the system should be changed monthly to ensure optimal performance of the system and to prevent an early breakdown of the system. However, there are times when the filters need to be changed more often. For example, when it is hot outside and the fan is constantly running, more dirt can be pulled into the system and trapped in the filter. Keep this in mind and check the filters before calling for a repair.

These are only two of many things that could prevent the AC from working as intended. If they don’t resolve the issue, contact a Cooling Service Bristol CT for help. Inc. works with clients every day to ensure their heating and cooling needs are met and will be happy to do the same for you. Give them a call now for help in bringing the temperature in the home back to an acceptable level. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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