What Technicians Do During Annual Central Air Conditioning Service in Bellingham WA

During the annual residential Air Conditioning Service in Bellingham WA, technicians complete a range of tasks intended to keep the equipment running efficiently and to prevent breakdowns over the course of the year. Technicians also are happy to answer questions from their customers in regard to reducing energy costs, how often to change the air filter, and whether it’s better to leave the thermostat on one set temperature all the time, even when nobody is home.

Tasks to Be Completed

The worker checks the accuracy of the thermostat, lubricates moving parts, and inspects belts to discover the level of wear. A belt might need to be tightened. Electrical connections are cleaned and inspected, and tightened if necessary. One important aspect that homeowners may never think about is that the heating and cooling systems must be unable to run at the same time. They take this for granted, but heating and cooling technicians know how to prevent this.

Technicians providing air conditioning service in Bellingham WA also identify problems with the system, and make repairs and replace components when necessary. For instance, they deal with leaks in the system and problems that have developed with the fan motor. The customers may have noticed changes, such as the unit running for shorter periods of time, and turning on and off more frequently.

When Replacement May Be Advisable

When the equipment breaks down on a hot summer day and the repair would be quite expensive, technicians may recommend that the homeowners replace the central air unit. They are more likely to make this recommendation if the unit is very old and inefficient compared to today’s models. Fortunately, with the summer climate in northwestern Washington being so mild, central air conditioning systems can easily last for 25 years or more.

Concluding Thoughts

Annual service, emergency repairs and equipment installation can all be completed by technicians with a contractor such as Lynden Sheet Metal. It’s helpful to find a reputable contractor and be able to rely on that one company for all of these services, including services for the heating system. The customer and contractor build a beneficial professional relationship.

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