Heating Contractors in Huntsville AL Install Boiler Systems That Offer Several Advantages

Boilers as installed by Heating Contractors in Huntsville AL have several advantages over forced-air furnaces, explaining why many men and women have this equipment installed in a new home or eventually convert a forced-air system to a boiler system.

Advantages of Boilers

More even heat is a primary advantage. There are no sudden surges of heated air blasting from the registers. Instead, the hot water circulating in tubes or pipes under the floors maintains consistency in temperature and comfort. Also, because no air flows through vents, the dust factor is minimized. The system also is much quieter than forced air because there is no fan running. Also, there is no need to change an air filter unless a central air system is being used.

Annual Tuneups

As with forced air equipment, boilers should have annual tuneups by Heating Contractors in Huntsville AL. This prevents breakdowns and malfunctions and makes sure energy efficiency is kept at an optimum level.

New Thermostats

The customers may want additional or replacement equipment installed during this appointment. For instance, they may have become interested in a digital thermostat if they still have an analog model. Another option is a programmable thermostat, which is advantageous for a household that has a relatively routine schedule of coming and going. When everyone is away from home for six hours or more on cold days, the thermostat can be programmed to keep the temperature low during that time. Just before the first person is due to arrive home, the thermostat signals the boiler to raise the temperature.

Converting to a Boiler System

If the old furnace is due to be replaced and the homeowners want to convert to a boiler system, many heating contractors provide financing. This covers removal of the old appliance, installation costs and the new equipment. Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist is an example of a contractor offering to finance to qualified customers.

Although having to pay for a new heating system is no fun, the finished project can feel like a great experience. The household residents enjoy the warm floors and a comfortable environment without the negative aspects of forced-air furnaces.

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